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1200 Peak Amps Portable Power Station

JUMP STARTER + AC/12V/USB POWER + AIR COMPRESSOR + INFLATOR The Schumacher 1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Station has a powerful jump starter and a versatile power source for all your power needs. This product offers endless feature for emergency power and jump starting, tailgating, camping, boating and automotive. Be prepared take it everywhere you go. Power on demand, anywhere, anytime. • Sealed lead-acid AGM battery • 1200 peak amps ─ power for jump starting vehicles in emergencies • 2A USB port ─ 2x faster charging. Charge all USB devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. • 400 watts peak, 200 watts continuous, 120 VAC power, 2 outlets to power small appliances and electronic devices • Digital display ─ monitor charge level of internal battery and voltage of vehicle’s battery • Built-in light ─ energy-efficient ultra bright LEDs • 150 PSI air compressor ─ with pressure gauge, nozzles and storage area ─ for sports balls, car and bike tires • High-flow air inflator/deflator ─ for inflatable mattresses, pool rafts and beach balls • Swivel AC plug – energy-efficient eco charger for internal battery (extension cord not included) • Contents: (1) Schumacher XP2260 with cables, air compressor and built-in light (1) inflator/deflator hose (1) hose adapter-unit end (1) 3-piece hose adapter ─ device end (1) compressor accessory bag (1) owner’s manual

Accessory: -
Amp Hours: -
Battery Type: -
Cold Crank Amps: -
Crank Amps 30 Sec: -
Crank Amps 5 Sec: 245
Energy Star: -
Input Current Cont: -
Input Current Int: -
Input Engine Start: -
Input Voltage: -
Output Current Cont: -
Output Current Int: -
Output Engine Start: -
Output Voltage: -
Peak Amps: 1200
Peak Amps: 1200
Ranking: -
Rating Agency: BC - (CA) Battery Charging Systems
RoHS: -
Sell Country: -
Unit Depth: -
Unit Height: -
Unit Weight: -
Unit Width: -
Warranty Period: 1 Year


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