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10/20A 12/24V Automatic Ship 'N Shore On-Board Dual Bank Charger
This Dual Bank Ship ’N Shore model is the perfect answer for multiple marine capabilities. With two sets of output cords, this unit can charge 2 separate 12 volt batteries at the same time at a “true” 10 amp charge rate or a single 12 volt battery at a “true” 20 amp charge rate. Ignition protected, non-sparking, battery connection leads make it safe to recharge, even on board • Microprocessor Controlled, Fully Automatic, Multi-Stage Charging System with Float-Mode Monitoring – Charges and then maintains the battery when fully charged. Resumes continuous charging when battery becomes discharged • TRUE 10 amp Charge – for a single 12 volt battery or two 12 volt batteries in a two-battery, 24 volt system • TRUE 20 amp Charge – for single 12 volt battery •Dedicated Microprocessor – for each independently controlled bank • Electrically Independent Outputs – handle 12 or 24 volt systems

Accessory: N/A
Amp Hours: -
Battery Type: 4
Cold Crank Amps: -
Crank Amps 30 Sec: -
Crank Amps 5 Sec: -
Energy Star: -
Input Current Cont: 3.7A
Input Current Int: -
Input Engine Start: -
Input Voltage: 120VAC
Output Current Cont: 10A
Output Current Int: -
Output Engine Start: -
Output Voltage: 12VDC
Peak Amps: -
Peak Amps: -
Ranking: -
Rating Agency: ULMarine - UL Marine
RoHS: -
Sell Country: USA
Unit Depth: 11.2800
Unit Height: 5.2000
Unit Weight: 17.7100
Unit Width: 8.2000
Warranty Period: 2 Year


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