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950 Peak Amps Instant Power™ with a 18Ah Internal Battery

Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery allows storage in any position
400W built-in inverter operates 120 Volt (household current) appliances •
12V Flex light
12V accessory outlet with overload and short circuit protection •
Battery status LEDs indicate when battery is charged or needs charging•
Wall charger included for charging internal battery•
Sure-grip clamps fit both top- and side-mount batteries •
Cables stay flexible in cold weather •
Compact, durable and corrosion-proof polypropylene case •

Accessory: -
Amp Hours: -
Battery Type: -
Cold Crank Amps: -
Crank Amps 30 Sec: -
Crank Amps 5 Sec: -
Energy Star: -
Input Current Cont: -
Input Current Int: -
Input Engine Start: -
Input Voltage: -
Output Current Cont: -
Output Current Int: -
Output Engine Start: -
Output Voltage: -
Peak Amps: -
Peak Amps: -
Ranking: -
Rating Agency: -
RoHS: -
Sell Country: -
Unit Depth: 7.7400
Unit Height: 11.5000
Unit Weight: 18.7400
Unit Width: 9.5000
Warranty Period: 1 Year


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