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1200 Peak Amp Portable Power Station

Detailed Description

Built-In High Pressure Air Compressor • USB Port •Built-In 400 Watt Power Inverter for 120V AC Household Power •Built –In Inflator/Deflator • On/Off Switch Activates the Jump Starting & USB Mode • Wall Charger for Automatic Charging of Internal Battery • Digital Display Shows Battery Status • Sure-Grip Clamps Fit Both Top & Side-Mount Batteries • Cables Stay Flexible in Cold Weather • 12 Volt Accessory Outlet • Maintenance-Free, Sealed, Lead-Acid Battery Allows Storage in Any Position


Spec Sheet

Peak Amps1200
Crank Amps 5 Sec300
Crank Amps 30 Sec255
Cold Crank Amps185
AccessoryInflator/Deflator Hose
Compressor/Inflator Nozzles
Male to Male Adapter
Charging Adapter
Unit Height11.75
Unit Width12.00
Unit Depth11.75
Unit Weight23.10
Warranty Period1
Period TypeYear
Sell CountryUnited States of America
Energy Star-


Manual #: 0099001230WB-00
for # XP2260
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