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There are a few different ways you can search for a product manual:

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Manual # Model # Product Part Number
0099001230WB-00 XP2260 94026989
0099001354WB-R2 XP2260-CA, 94026989CA, 940261055CA
0099001406-R1 XP2260W 940261101
00-99-001043-0410 XP2260 94026989
0099001043-R6 XP2260 94026989
0099001210WB-00 XP2260 94026989
0099001210WB-01 XP2260 94026989
0099001354CAWB-00 XP2260-CA, 94026989CA, 940261055CA
0099001354CAWB-01 XP2260-CA 94026989CA
0099001354WB-00 XP2260-CA, 94026989CA, 940261055CA