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There are a few different ways you can search for a product manual:

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Manual # Model # Product Part Number
00-99-000890 SE-1 94026699
0099000913-03 SE-1-12S 94026501A
0099001086-01 SE-1555A 94040020
0099001102-01 SE-1072 94026728
0099001376-R4 SE-1520-CA 940261065CA
0099001402-R1 SE-1520 940261065
0099001429-R0 SE-1250, SE-1010-2, SE-1052, SE-82-6 94026222AL, 94026312AL, 94026334AL, 94026508AL
0099001430-R0 SE-70MA, SE-40MAP, SE-125A, SE-1275A, SE-5212A, SE-520MA, SE-2151MA, SE-1510MA 94026343AL, 94026381AL, 94026499, 94026583AL, 94026625AL, 94026626AL, 94026673AL, 94026744AL
0099001458-R1 SE-1-12S-CA 94026501CA
00-00-000277 SE-1072 94026728